Vintage Car Restoration

At Fine Blast we focus on frame off restoration, fine blasting and coating will bring all types of classics back to life. In a quick summary the process will involve your classic taken down to bare body and frame.

The car is disassembled by removing the exterior accessories, which includes the mirrors, moldings, headlights, taillights, bumpers, emblems and all glass. The car panels are removed, doors, fenders, bonnet, boot lid, the interior accessories are removed, lastly the body is separated from chassis to allow a more extensive and thorough restoration. The car is then prepared for stripping of all paint and body filler, when removed we proceed to fine blast to white metal, with the inspection of the blasted surfaces complete and passed cleaning can proceed, surfaces are now ready for coating, using international recognized products we coat to paint specifications required. Your classic vintage car restoration now has a true solid foundation.